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Electrical Apprenticeship – A Career with a Future!

What is an electrical apprenticeship in Ontario? It’s the first step toward a promising career that blends traditional expertise with cutting-edge technology. Discover how you can earn while you learn!

Ontario’s Energy Future: Executive Summary

Insights from Ontario’s Energy Future Sector Analysis Report emphasizing the time-sensitive demand for a skilled workforce in light of upcoming transformations in Ontario’s electricity sector; an Executive Summary prepared for ECAO’s Government Partners.

Exoskeleton Technologies

Discover how wearable exoskeletons hold promise in reducing injuries and enhancing productivity in the construction industry. Explore the ongoing efforts to improve the health and safety of workers in the skilled trades.

Become a Powerline Technician with the IBEW CCO & ECAO

Explore the role of Powerline Technicians in maintaining Ontario’s electrical infrastructure and shaping our energy future. Discover how, with IBEW CCO and ECAO, you have the opportunity to earn while you learn!

Procurement Policy for Municipal Construction Contracts

In the dynamic landscape of construction, a strong procurement policy is essential. View this presentation for valuable insights about procurement practices that ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Diversity, Equity And Inclusion: Moving Toward The Light

Learn how organizations like ECAO and IBEW CCO are working towards creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Ticha Albino, a passionate advocate, shares their insights about changing practices and fostering collaboration between contractors and unions.

History of Provincial Bargaining Between the ETBA & the IBEW/IBEW CCO

Discover how the IBEW CCO and ETBA joined forces and adopted innovative solutions to overcome provincial bargaining challenges and, ultimately, enhance market share in Ontario’s construction sector.

History of Provincial Bargaining in Ontario

Trace the evolution of provincial bargaining in Ontario’s construction industry from local to province-wide negotiations. Learn about legislative reforms and their impact on labour relations, ultimately leading to a more centralized and stable yet ever-changing system.

Ontario’s Energy Future Sector Analysis Report

Discover key drivers of change in our province’s electricity sector and explore recommendations to boost workforce readiness in electrical contracting. ECAO, its member electrical contractors and their expert workforce are poised to shape Ontario’s energy future.

Diversity is More Than Skin Deep

A job site should be both physically safe and emotionally safe, but the reality is, creating a culture of inclusion can be challenging. Alex Willis of Leadership Surge shares pearls of wisdom specifically for professionals in the electrical industry.

Forward Momentum for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The key to improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the electrical industry is education. Discover how specialized training led by Alex Willis of Leadership Surge is helping Ontario’s electrical professionals create a more inclusive workforce.

Electrical Apprentice Training Modernized Through Virtual Technology

Apprentices now have access to cutting-edge VR training technology thanks to the Virtual Electrical Training (VET) program offered at Local IBEW training centres. This safe and accessible program is administered through NETCO and, as an Employment Ontario Skills Development project, is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Improperly Installed EV Chargers: A Safety Hazard and Missed Opportunity

Opting for DIY charger installation creates a potentially dangerous situation while failing to prepare your EV system for future technology. Hire a licensed electrical contractor with EV training to ensure you’re well positioned to take advantage of the benefits of emerging infrastructure.

It’s Time To Ask Municipal Politicians About Procurement

With soaring inflation affecting municipalities across Ontario, contractor accountability is more important than ever. A contractor registry and other key elements will strengthen procurement processes and help ensure infrastructure projects are completed on budget and without delays. The ECAO and IBEW support a contractor registry.

Knowledge Is Power When It Comes to Installing EV Chargers

The demand for Electric Vehicles in Ontario is mounting, and, in turn, the need for EV chargers is quickly rising. EV-certified electricians are trained to safely handle complex charger installations, providing peace of mind to consumers, property managers and business owners alike. The ECAO and IBEW CCO are proud to offer robust EV training programs to electricians across the province.

Network Cabling Specialist Training Program Addresses Urgent Need

IBEW CCO has earned specialized Training Delivery Agency (TDA) status, allowing the organization to provide essential Network Cabling Specialist training throughout Ontario. This program will not only draw more 631A apprentices into the workforce but will also upskill tradespeople already working within the communications and low-voltage industry.

Fire Alarm Assessments Crucial as Businesses Reopen

As pandemic restrictions ease and businesses prepare to reopen, facility managers must ensure buildings are safe for employees to return to. Electricians with Certi-Fire certification are approved by the Ontario Fire Marshal to conduct necessary alarm system maintenance and upgrades.

Innovative Approaches to Harnessing Power Will Transform Businesses

Exciting new technologies are changing the role of electrical contractors. Mark Marmer, an expert in EV installation and planning, describes how vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology and other smart innovations actively store and discharge power on demand.

Become a Certified Network Cabling Specialist – Your Path To a Rewarding, Lucrative Career

The low-voltage industry is booming. In fact, there are more jobs than skilled tradespeople available to meet the demand. So, whether you have experience (and seek an NCS 621 License) or are brand new to the field, now is the perfect time to take your career to the next level.

Plan Early To Achieve Successful Projects Advises Electrical Contractor

The electrical contracting industry is continually evolving. Tim Birnie, ECAO Board Member and owner of Birnie Electric in Mississauga, shares how project complexity has led to advancements within the trade, including new technological innovations and the need for specialized training.

Certified Alarm System Electricians Ensure Businesses Meet Mandatory Fire Safety Requirements

Canadian Facility Management & Design, a leading news publication for the real estate industry, recently published an article addressing the need for certified fire safety installation professionals.

Webinar: The Path to Successfully Installing Chargers Into Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Recently, Electric Autonomy Canada hosted a webinar that brought experts together for a discussion around EV charging station installation at multi-unit residential properties, condominiums and businesses.

The New and Exciting World of Electrical Contracting

Advanced technologies are redefining our world. Bob Ritzmann, President of Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc. and ECAO member, describes how his team leverages new technology on light rail and microgrid projects.

EV Charging: Understanding Installation Complexity

Most buildings were not built with EV chargers in mind, and many important questions must be answered before installation. Find out why it is essential to work with a licensed electrical contractor with experience in the EV charger sector when seeking to accommodate electric vehicles.

Huge Demand for Network Cable Specialists Creates Opportunity for Job Seekers

The demand for Network Cable Specialists in the Toronto area has exploded recently. Two apprentices share how they are earning money while learning a valuable trade. Learn the best way to apply and become a Network Cable Specialist today.

Planning Key for Electric Car Charging Stations

With the demand for electric vehicles growing, it is important to make a plan before installing charging stations. We speak with industry experts and discuss how licensed electrical contractors can help you obtain the required approvals and ensure installation is safe and effective.

Celebrating Women in the Electrical Trade Industry – An International Women’s Day Series

From network cable specialists to business owners, we speak to some amazing female role models in our International Women’s Day Series. These women have built their careers in the electrical trade industry and are thriving in what remains a traditionally male-dominated profession.

IBEW Apprentices Power Through Pandemic

We talk to two IBEW apprentices and discuss how the IBEW’s extensive training and safety have prepared them for the pandemic. They discuss their appetite for learning and growing, as well as the importance of being surrounded by a well-trained team.

We Are In This Together

Thank you for wearing your mask. The Electrical Contractors Association of Central Ontario (ECACO) and IBEW Local 804 have teamed up to support awareness of the importance of wearing masks to help reduce the spread of Covid 19. The 15-second message also thanks the many [...]

Premier Doug Ford and Minister Monte McNaughton visit IBEW Local 105’s Training Center in Hamilton

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development visited IBEW Local 105’s Training Centre in Hamilton last week. They met with some of the Local’s talented apprentices and licensed journeypersons to learn about the high training standards provided at [...]

ECAO & IBEW CCO Power Up Scouts Canada’s Camp Attawandaron

IBEW Local 530 and their Electrical Contractor Association of Ontario (ECAO) partner contractors are proud to help power Sarnia’s homes and businesses safely and effectively, but they also share great pride in giving back to their community.

IBEW Powers Through

We are all working in our own way to help our communities through these difficult times. So many people behind the scenes, on the front lines and those staying home. Our licensed contractors and electricians are doing what we can by helping power hospitals, transportation […]

ECAO Contractors And IBEW Electricians Face Pandemic Together

In such a challenging time, the partnership of the ECAO and the IBEW CCO has helped. It may seem unusual to see such a close relationship between employer and union, but that collaboration is what has made them effective in providing safe and reliable power in even the most complex situations.

Giving Back While Responding To Urgent Health Care Needs

Read about our courageous IBEW electricians who helped meet Joseph Brant Hospital’s (JBH’s) urgent need for expansion due to the pandemic.

What Is The Role Of Powerline Workers Today?

The world of powerline workers today is changing, but age-old skills still play a major role, and, as always, safety is the top priority. Learn about the role powerline workers play in today’s world of electricians and what they’re doing to perform their jobs safely and efficiently.

How Electricians Donated Time And Skill To Cancer Assistance

Ontario electricians care! Recently T. Lloyd Electric Ontario Ltd. proved that in a big way. This Hamilton team gave back to the community by giving of themselves, investing their Saturday morning to replace out-of-date lighting in the Cancer Assistance Program offices.

The Growth of Energy Storage and its Impact on Electrical Contractors

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW CCO) and the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) are proud to be part of ensuring safe, reliable, electrical work for all home builds.

Country Star Jason McCoy Opens Home to Cameras for Music Studio Build

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW CCO) and the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) are proud to be part of ensuring safe, reliable, electrical work for all home builds.

For Your Entertainment: Electrical Work on the NAC and EY Centre in Ottawa

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW CCO) and the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) are proud to be part of ensuring Ottawa’s iconic venues can delivery quality sound and lighting safely and effectively.

‘Hire Licensed Electrical Contractors’ Advises Fire Chief

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) has teamed up with the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW CCO) to help keep more families safe in their homes.

Red Seal Standards Key to Successful Trades Apprenticeship Program

The Red Seal Program creates the standards for skills and training in the trades in Canada. 74% consider a Red Seal a hiring advantage. And there’s more.

Volunteer Electricians Help Habitat for Humanity WR Make a Difference to Local Families

The IBEW Local 804 Retirees Club has been helping Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region build homes to help local families break the cycle of poverty.

Why Mega Construction Projects Fail – and Keys to Solutions

Major construction megaprojects fail 70% – 90% of the time. But the causes are known and we can find solutions from the projects that succeed.

Apprenticeship Training Critical to Ontario’s Future

The Toronto electrical contractors of GTECA are teaming up with employees to create the best possible electrical apprentice training program.