EV Charging: Understanding Installation Complexity

EV Charging: Understanding Installation Complexity

The demand for EV chargers is growing exponentially. Thanks to technological advances, more and more business and property owners in Ontario are ready to install EV charging stations.

Unfortunately, most buildings were not built with EV chargers in mind, making installation more complex than one might think. Proper planning is essential, and a number of questions must be answered before beginning work.

For buildings looking to accommodate electric vehicles, it is essential to work with a licensed electrical contractor with experience in the EV charger sector. Certified tradespeople can perform EV charger assessments and properly assess the current electrical infrastructure. They are also exceptionally qualified to ensure that all safety and compliance requirements are met during installation.

Speak to a licensed electrical contractor to get these and other common questions answered:

Commercial Business Questions

  • How many chargers should I install?
  • Should I install level 2 or level 3 chargers (or a mix)?
  • Do I have enough power for the chargers that I intend to install?
  • Where should I locate my charger(s)?
  • Have I considered exactly what the purpose of these chargers is? eg, serve guests, serve employees, drive business for the owner?
  • Should I select an open or closed software system for my chargers?
  • How will I control traffic at these chargers?
  • Should I bill for the use of these chargers or offer them for free? Maybe a mix?
  • Should I lease or buy (OPEX vs CAPEX)?
  • How can I serve the largest number of users at the lowest capital cost?
  • How do I accommodate future expansion? Can I use a phased approach to install these chargers?

Residential Questions

  • Do I have enough power for my charging station(s)?
  • Can I share the power for two chargers if I have two cars?
  • What charger(s) should I install if I have a mix of Tesla and J 1772?
  • Where should I locate my charger(s)?
  • Do I have to upgrade my service?
  • Should I install a plug and use a mobile charger or install a wall-mounted charger?
  • How can I control on and off-peak charging to reduce my energy costs?
  • What are the differences between different chargers? Which is the best for my needs?
  • Should I get an onsite quote for my installation?
  • How can I monitor my charging costs?

Before moving forward with this complex project, work with a licensed electrical contractor who hires certified electricians with specialized training in this area. These professionals can answer your EV charger installation questions and help you develop a plan. To better understand your unique needs, hire a local Ontario electrical contractor.

Consumers can find a list of ECAO contractors who have electricians who are certified EVITP installers at netco.org/evitp-installers.