ECAO Contractor Commits to Empowering Women in Trade


By Sherri Haigh

K-Line Maintenance and Construction utilizes best practices to support diversity.

Allana Kellett-Jamieson loves working in the electrical sector and is proud of the great focus her company puts on supporting women in the industry.

As Director of Organizational Effectiveness for K-Line Maintenance and Construction Ltd., Kellett-Jamieson has played a key role in promoting diversity. One important step was when she, along with company president Allan Kellett, signed the Electrical Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC) Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity.

“I would highly recommend to other companies they sign up for this program. You are encouraged to set targets and are measured against your progress, which helps to hold companies accountable for making meaningful change. Since signing the accord, we have seen an increase in females in the trade, and we strive to ensure they feel supported so that they can stay with us,” she says.

K-Line Maintenance and Construction Ltd., a member of the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario, focuses on high voltage power delivery systems as well as providing temporary power services for large-scale construction sites. A powerline worker’s job includes ensuring the supply of electricity running to homes and businesses. They are responsible for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical cables and powerlines, above and below ground.


While she was first drawn to the company because it is a family business, she says the fact K-Line focuses on a niche market is very appealing.

“It’s very exciting to be in the high voltage space. We are an essential service and there are a lot of opportunities for growth,” she says.

Kellett-Jamieson admits that when she started in the industry more than ten years ago, it was a very different landscape.

“I remember going to an industry golf tournament, and I won longest drive. It turns out there were only two other women playing in the tournament. I’m glad to see female representation at such events is changing in a positive direction.”

She encourages any women who are in the trade, or considering a job in the trade, to find a mentor who can help support them through their journey. There have been times when even she has hesitated to speak up on an idea, only to have someone else suggest it and it be well received.

“You need to be confident in yourself and know your worth. A mentor is invaluable,” she added.

By regularly participating in diversity seminars and workshops, her company is able to remain educated on best practices to ensure their programs are effective in supporting and promoting women in their company.

As well as being a signatory of EHRC’s Leadership Accord, her company supports Women of Powerline Technicians, an organization dedicated to having women as equal participants in trade and technical roles in the electricity sector. Learn more at womenofplt.com.

For more information on the EHRC Diversity Accord visit: https://electricityhr.ca/workplace-solutions/diversity-inclusion/leadership-accord-on-gender-diversity/

The ECAO are industry partners with the IBEW CCO to provide the highest standard of electrical contracting services in the country. www.poweringcommunities.ca