Transform Your Job Into a Career With a 631A License

Fully qualified Network Cabling Specialists, especially those individuals with prior experience in fibre optics, cabling, and communications, are being heavily recruited throughout Ontario.

Fueled by increasing demand for “smart” buildings, vast investments were made to upgrade our infrastructure. Now, across all industries, buildings must be modernized with cabling that can meet businesses’ current and future needs.

In addition, as many offices make plans to reopen, there is pressure to drive technology initiatives forward and reconfigure spaces quickly and reliably.

Now is the Time to Pursue Your 631A License

Don’t be left behind. The low voltage industry is experiencing rapid growth. From healthcare to transportation to education and more, opportunities abound for properly trained and credentialed Network Cabling Specialists.

Becoming a fully licensed professional will allow you to:

Make More Money: Network Cabling Specialist wages increase when you earn your license and improve your skill level.

Gain Credibility: Stand out in a competitive market. Voluntary licensing demonstrates your personal drive and motivation.

Advance Your Career: Licensed individuals will be the most in demand.

Challenge Yourself: Build new skills and stay up-to-date on the latest technology in an always-changing industry.

IBEW member, Gord Nye, discusses the benefits of a 631A Network Cabling Specialist Licence. For additional videos and information, visit ibewcomms.ca.

Already Have Experience? Inquire About the Trade Equivalency Assessment (TEA)

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) can help you navigate the Trade Equivalency Assessment and advance your career. You may be well-suited for a pre-Certification of Qualification course, allowing you to achieve your 631A License quickly and start earning what you are truly worth.

Consider Becoming Duel-Carded 

With a 309A construction and maintenance electrical license plus an NCS 631A licence, you’ll have more job options and higher earning potential.


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